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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Photos from The Haunted Places that I've Blogged about so far: Alcatraz, Salem, Winchester Mansion, Eastern State Penitentiary, St. Louis Cemetery and Tombstones infamous Boothills Cemetery

   I've searched for some different photos to go with the "Most Haunted Places is the U.S. That I Want to visit", Blog I've been writing. I have tried to locate some pictures that weren't as common. Enjoy!

Alcatraz Photographs
Ghostly visitor captured by a visitor
Shadow Ghost on Staircase
Alcatraz Prison Cells

Rare View of Alcatraz

Salem, Massachusetts Pictures From Witch Trials

I suppose you could consider this a sad attempt at a memorial for all of the innocent people that lost their lives in the Salem Witch Trials.
A witch Trial
                                   The hanging of Bridget Bishop, an accused with on June 10, 1692.
                                                                        The Salem House

Eastern State Penitentiary Pictures

                                                              A hallway in the Creepy Prison.

Winchester House in San Jose, California

                                                     A ghostly garden appiration.
                                                                     Overview of the House

                                               A random corner in the strangely built mansion

    Most Haunted Cemeteries:

  St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans voodoo Legend says that when you are at the Voodoo Queen's tomb, to awaken Marie Laveaus Powerful Voodoo Magic, you knock, three times (to wake her from her sleep of the dead) upon the face of her tomb. Mark the tomb with XXX in chalk or brick, knock three times again and make your wish. Then you must leave an offering.

A very obvious ghostly image appearing in a tourist's photograph. One must separate real photos from fake, computer generated photos nowadays. We can only guess. But there's a part of our minds that wants to believe. That wants to see it.

Tombstone's Boothill Cemetery

This photo was taken by a tourist of his friend in Boothill Graveyard. It was developed and they claim it wasn't tampered with. The photo was shot in black and white because his friend wanted old west looking pictures of himself dressed up in clothes from 1880 period. There was no other person in the photo. But there is a guy crouched down in the background supposedly holding a knife.
                    This is the closeup of the ghost in the background of the previous picture.
                                                        The Losers of the OK Corral Shootout

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