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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Top Haunted Places to Visit in the United States

   The United States has been filled with culture, history, blood, sweat and tears from the very beginning. A lot of lives were lost in the earlier wars to declare freedom and make the United States what it is today   There quite possibly might be quite a few ghosts lurking about; lost souls, searching  for what keeps them here. There have been an uncountable amount of supernatural occurrences all over the world. There have been ghost stories, legends, and folklore throughout time that have stemmed from people's encounters and beliefs. Civilizations have been built on these foundations of supposed encounters and people's beliefs, and perceptions of these supposed encounters.
    Incalculable amounts of people have experienced many different types of  paranormal encounters; that cannot be explained, even by the most intelligent, logical people and scientists. I myself have always been fascinated by ghost books, stories, supernatural phenomena, and even ghost hunting television shows. I'll admit that I have had ghostly encounters myself. That is why I'm so interested in supernatural phenomena. These phenomena are random, illogical, and confuse scientists, proving what they know to be wrong. As a result of my curious nature and the intrigue of all of this, this blog was inspired by such encounters and my enthrallment with human nature, the studies of Psychology and Sociology are extremely fascinating to me. They both focus on studying human behavior and the mind. So how does that tie into ghosts and supernaturals? It's people's reactions that are so insightful to me. How they deal with and describe what they have seen. It affects everyone different.
     I have a list of haunted places in America that I want to visit. First of all, I'm starting with San Fransisco, CA, a hotspot for paranormal activity; especially Alcatraz. San Fransisco has had a history of natural disasters like earthquakes have helped it develop a reputation as a Mecca of all things haunted, as well as The Winchester House in San Jose, CA. The earthquakes actually made the Winchester house shorter, interestingly enough. I'd also like to visit the Eastern State Pennitentary and Salem, Massachusetts, among many more haunted places. The rest is a surprise!

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